Bio Degradable Funeral Tributes

From £40.00

Natural Bio-degradable and Woodland Funerals

I am now specialising in floral tributes for natural and woodland funerals by providing creative and unique designs suitable for the natural ethos of a simple funeral.

You will not find any florists foam, wire, cellophane or plastics. As I will only be using materials that are completely bio-degradable and ecologically sound such as moss straw hay birch willow, jute, dogwood and evergreens to support our designs of seasonal grown and locally sourced natural flowers and leaves.

This is a new service I will be offering and I shall ensure you receive tributes fitting with a natural funeral.

Price guide

Full sized Coffin/casket Spray double-ended arrangement from £150.00

Single ended arranged spray from £75

Tied bouquets from £30

Posies from £35.00

Baskets from £25.00

Large Casket-top tied flowers from £100

Willow wreaths from £ 45.00

Willow hearts £65.00

Crosses from £85.00

Garlands – foliage only £10.00 per foot

Flowers and foliage from £16.00 per foot

Posies attached to coffin sides from £20.00 each. 


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